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Rebirth is now aligned

We have aligned ourselves to Sufokia

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Sakuchi / Mar 07, 2017 / Wakfu News

A new update has been published on the beta server and we're sure you're in a rush to discover all the new stuff. And what if we discovered them together with a contest allowing you to win exclusive titles on your server? The next update contains ...

Sakuchi / Mar 07, 2017 / Guild News

Evening Everyone its Sakuchi here, As some of you may know and some of you may not Ankama has decided that Nox and Phaeris are merging into Remington. Now this is a very stressful merger and i will be doing everything i can to ensure that we merge...

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  Ryo Riot: A guild baker page has now been setup, where you can check what the different ranks are entitled to in bread every week
  Sakuchi: Today Saku will be hunting for hidden wakfu news and codes!
  Ryo Riot: You can now use to access the site!
  Ryo Riot: The Haven World map has been updated! Check out the page for descriptions of all the areas and the rules on how to use them
  Sakuchi: The Server is down for the big update, unsure as to when it will open up for us again
  Slyteris: Damn, take a nap and the server goes into maintenance update mode. Snooze and lose
  The Rani: heyyyyyy we have facebook now. FACEBOOK
  Ryo Riot: Magical Unicorn has arrived!
  Lotusaa: kokoes everywhere but we did clear em all. ty Rani :)
  Sakuchi: Sever down for huppermage update
  Lotusaa: phaeris server is gone! QQ
  Sakuchi: congrats sly on hosting a fun and successful event.
  Sakuchi: Serve is down for 30 minuet server reset.
  Sakuchi: thats fine etona, its been quiet lately but picking up again
  Etona: I'm sorry I haven't been on everybody. I'm currently really stressed about a lot of things.
  Sakuchi: thats great nathan please check the news as the server has moved and you need to change over
  NathanGrave: Feels great to back!^_^
  Sakuchi: Server is offically down! It will resume and be able to be accessed on the 15th of April 2015.
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