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Sakuchi / Jul 19, 2017 / Wakfu News
A number of Havens Worlds are now abandoned and are in need of new owners. Kamas own this part of town so call in the guild, ready the bank, and go all in, it's auction time!

Discover the list of Havens Worlds for Nox, Remington and Phaeris servers that will be auctioned starting July 19th at 8:00 PM server time. The auctions will last for one week, until July 26th at 8:00 PM server time. You can type “/time” in-game to view your current server time so you do not miss a minute of the action!

Factors considered for a Haven World to be auctioned are

A guild that once held a Haven World has been disbanded, leaving the Haven World empty.
A guild that owns a Haven World only has one or two daily active members.
A guild that owns a Haven World has not been active in the last few months.

Read the full details of the Haven World auction rules here.

Here is the list of these Havens Worlds:


Bonta - Arms Way - Center
Brakmar - Gnashville
Sufokia - Gutted Plaza - West
Sufokia - Gutted Plaza - East
Sufokia - Terrana Dune - East
Sufokia – Steamulating Shore - South
Amakna - Emelka - North
Wild Estate - Bworkball Field
Wild Estate – Under the Bridge
Wabbits Island - Temple
Wabbits Island - Cawwot - North
Shhhudoku Kingdom - Center
Calamar Island - Bay - East
Kelba - Pier - South
Monk Island - Undieworld - Ouest


Bonta – Thicket of Yurbut
Brakmar - Headquarters
Brakmar - Mourning Wood - North
Sufokia - Unna Bridge - Center
Sufokia – Turfo Canyon - Bay
Sufokia – Turfo Canyon - Center
Sufokia – Jumpin’ Jungle - Kokokobana
Sufokia – Steamulating Shore - South
Amakna – Holey Forest - Center
Shhhdoku Kingdom – South Edge
Shhhudoku Kingdom - Hushquarters
Forfut - Village - Northwest
Forfut - Village - Southwest
Bilbyza – Dancehall Arena
Wild Estate – Under the bridge
Wabbits Island - Zaap


Amakna – Holey Forest - Pier
Amakna – Holey Forest
Bonta - 5th Bond Avenue - North
Bonta – Cania Swamps
Bonta – Pancake Bridge - East
Bonta - Thicket of Yurbut
Brakmar - Mourning Wood - East
Brakmar - Sidimote Moors
Brakmar - Gobblard Boulevard - West
Sufokia - Gutted Plaza - West
Sufokia - Fiery Walk - West
Sufokia - Fiery Walk - South
Sufokia – Unna Bridge - East
Amakna – Crusty Road - West
Brakmar - Brakmar's village
Amakna – Fertile Prairie - East
Bonta – Cania Plains - South
Sufokia – Turfo Canyon - Bay
Calamar Island - Bay - Southeast
Calamar Island - Seaside - East
Wild Estate – Bwork Village
Wild Estate - Bworkball Field
Bilbyza - Northeast
Shhhudoku Kingdom - Center
Calamar Island - Bay - East
Amakna – Singing Fields - Dirty Trouffe
Bonta – Thicket of Yurbut - Center
Brakmar - Gnashville - Bridge
Sadida Kingdom - West
Wild Estate - Southeast
Calamar Island – Seaside - South
Wabbits Island - Zaap
Kelba - Lands - Sud

To participate in the auctions your guild must be level 3 and only the leader (or anyone with the appropriate rights) can bid.

Bids will be of a fixed amount: 100 Kamas until the auction reaches 1000, then 200 Kamas until 2000, and so on. Kamas are directly taken from your Guild Bank and returned back once another guild bids higher than you.

Happy bidding!


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