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Sakuchi / Jul 19, 2017 / Guild News
Good Evening Guildies,
Sakuchi here with the latest new on what rebirth has planned for the next few months.
So buckle yourself in and get ready for the ride cause its coming at you.

As we all are aware but hate to admit Phaeris is pretty quiet now and it leaves us with not many players online. I am trying to fox this for our guild but this will take help from everyone in the guild which i will get to later on in this news.

Since news of the merger the Officers and I have spoken about what we think is best for the guild and how to make sure everything goes smoothly after the merger. The solution we came up with is to create a second Rebirth guild on Remington. By doing so we are able to gain more members who can choose which of the two guilds they wish to be in after the merge. There will be 2 different times of Rebirth Guilds, Firstly the original Rebirth from Phaeris will mainly be for members who want to focus on lvling high and those interested in PVP. As the Phaeris Havenworld has some farm and tree slots there is still a place for people to lvl crafts. But the Remington Havenworld will be built more for crafters, Meaning more tree/farm spots and a nice big safe place to work on professions.

We are about to start bidding on a Havenworld tonight for Remington and i will be keeping everyone posted as to how it goes. We are currently looking at Sufokia Gutted Plaza West, Its convenient for all our members as its in a nation and very close to a zapp plus the atmosphere outside the havenworld is really lovely.

So as we will be having two guilds on two different servers at first the way we will all connect and get to know each other will be through guild website and our discord server. So i hope you all get along with each other and help each other as much as you can.

As i mentioned earlier i still want our Phaeris guild to be a little more populated so i am looking for a Head Recruiter. If you are interested please contact me in game or discord to discuss it. The job will be to recruit new people no matter their lvl and bring them in to the guild and teach them about our guild. I will also be opening the same position on the Remington guild in the future but i really want to focus on recruiting on Phaeris for now.

This ties up this short update and i hope you all support rebirth in the future.



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