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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting

We are an international, English-only speaking guild.

We have members from all over the world who enjoy making friends, talking about in and out of game things, running guild group dungeons and just hanging out chatting with everyone. We have friends in other guilds who we also like to spend time with and we love getting to know as many people as we can. All members are happy people who like to help each other out with tasks or dungeons.
Our Haven World
We have a Haven World located in Gobballfield County, Amakna. It's fully completed with only a few houses left to upgrade. This means we have all the bonus buildings, along with areas for every profession you could ever want to level.

Here's some of what we offer
  • Guild buffs
  • Members who will help and support you
  • A dedicated Guild Baker who supplies weekly bread/food to all members
  • Guild Events
  • A fully upgraded Haven World
  • Guild Discord server so you can chat to all the members
  • Information-packed Guild website with great resources and news
  • A rank system that allows you to grow no matter what you want to do

We hope you will feel welcome and enjoy being a member. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to ask us in-game.

Make sure you read the guild code below, and then afterwards also head on over to the Rank section, Guild Bank section and Haven World section, and make sure you can agree with those systems as well.
To see which bonuses comes with being in the guild, take a look at the Guild Bonuses page, and if you want to take a look at our member's profession levels, check out the Profession Directory.

Guild Code

We are a friendly, but dedicated and serious guild

1. All members must speak English well enough that we can understand them and that they can understand us.

2. Our guild is a family and we have pride in our family. When you are in our guild you represent us, therefore all members must behave themselves and show uttermost respect to other members in our guild or other guilds with who we have an alliance with.

3. Our members are from different countries, with different cultures, from different age groups and come from different backgrounds. We do not accept racism, sexism, homophobia or any other kind of hate.

4. All members must keep some level of PG-13 language, when using the in-game Guild Chat, or vicinity chat when at a guild event. This rule does not extend to the Discord server or situations where you know the people present are comfortable with a higher language rating. We do after all play Cards Against Humanity together, when the server is down.

5. Key's in Guild Bank Chest 2 and 3 are what we are most running low of. They can't be requested and are on our priority list for restocking. If you are able to help replenish them in your free time, it will be greatly appreciated.

6. This is not a stepping stone guild. We do not accept members who wish to level up and then move on to another guild. If you wish to leave our guild, we expect you to contact an Officer with an explanation as to why you are leaving.

7. This guild is your family. You are expected to contribute and help out your brothers and sisters. That means things like offering your help for dungeon runs, donating old sets and spare keys to our Guild Bank, and materials into our Haven World resource chest.

8. We accept all nations and classes, but we are a Sufokian guild. This means that members who wish to turn on their PvP tag, will have to be Sufokian as well.

9. Make sure to mingle and be friendly to everyone. Be active toward each other in guild. We do not want any passive players in this guild.

10. Decisions are made by Officers and the Guild Leader only. If you wish to have a say in the decision making, you must earn the right by working your way up to the appropriate rank.

Feel free to PM our Guild Leader Sakuchi or an Officer if you have a question.